Joseph Yap
Joseph Hearth and Mind

Joseph recognises the world’s frantic pace, trauma (emotional wounds) and growing disconnect from others and oneself. His knowledge and practice as an Internal Family System (IFS) therapist have shaped his insights into human behaviours and pains – different yet common in humanity. With IFS, the possibility of profound healing is found through self-compassion, empathy, and human connections. He works with his clients in a way that illuminates old patterns, releases pains, awakens the hearts, and leaves them with a sense of care towards themselves and others.


Joseph Yap brings an amalgamation of experience and knowledge from years of studying and working as a therapist, counsellor and coach, and his personal journey of healing through his own wounds. His work focuses on healing trauma and unleashing potential.


His desire to find answers to existential questions, such as ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘Who am I?’ began when he was five. These questions led him on a journey in his early adulthood where he explored mainstream psychology, complementary healthcare, and the spectrum of spirituality and the healing arts. His belief in the body-mind connection as well as his education in counselling, trauma and attachment led him to IFS and develop himself as a therapist for the transformative healing and growth of others.


Joseph works to raise awareness about IFS in Singapore, hoping to create collective shifts away from looking at others from a perfectionistic, pathologically-flawed perspective towards compassion, connection and understanding – a mindset he believes is vital for empowerment and individual expression. He believes that all behaviours stem from a positive or protective intention and that all emotions have a story to tell.


Joseph holds a Master of Arts in Counselling from Nanyang Technological University. He is also an IFS Level 2 therapist, a clinical member of the Singapore Association for Counselling, and a supervisor for master’s level counselling students. He also enjoys being in nature and practising yoga.

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